Genevieve Tan, A for H2 Math A Level, ACJC

Mr Gan’s classes were always enjoyable and never boring. He always try to create a fun atmosphere in class so that we wont get too stressed up over math. He is also very patient and willing to help us even when we ended our class. He always tries to simplify the concepts using what we have learned from O levels. He also focuses on certain areas of the syllabus which schools often just skim through. I am really blessed to have Mr Gan as my math tutor.

Zhi Qi, A for H2 Math A level, Temasek Junior College


"I have been failing my math and had great difficulty understanding the concepts and topics taught back in my first year of college. I was immensely grateful to have Mr Gan as my math tuition teacher. He was friendly and patient in guiding me through the challenging math concepts I could not grasp, using layman terms and drawings that helped me gained understanding. His great knowledge in math and that gave his students confidence in his teaching. He was also always prepared for any questions that I threw at him. His dedication to helping his students excel in math was remarkable. He welcomes questions and queries even outside lesson times. I am really fortunate to be able to have him as a teacher and a friend. My A grade for H2 A level in 2012 would not have been achievable without him."

Natasha Yeo, A for H2 Math A level, St. Andrew's Junior College


"I really enjoyed my math tuition with Mr. Gan as it felt very personalized. He would take the time to pick out questions for me to do, according to my weaknesses and providing extra hours whenever I needed it. With time being very precious approaching A levels, it was a relief to have flexible tuition hours to work around school timetable. Right up to the day before A levels, I could message him with questions to clear my doubts!"

Bevin JiaXin, A for H2 Math A level, Yishun Junior College


"Mr Gan is very patient in his teaching and is always willing to help us outside of class time. With his constant encouragement and help, I managed to achieve an A for my A levels in 2014.  :)"

Deva, A for H2 Math A level, Anderson Junior College

"I am so thankful to have Mr Gan as my teacher. He motivate and help me alot for my mathematics. My highest I ever got was E before he started teaching me. After he started teaching me I understood more and get the subject more easily causing my marks to increase greatly. He teaches all the shotcuts and easy methods so that maths does not seem as hard as I thought it was. He also jokes and create a fun atmosphere in class so that we dont get too worked up over mathematics. He motivated and guide me during the nearing period of as and provided us with extra lesson of his own accord so that we score well. With his motivation and guidance I was able to get A for Alevel mathematics and I am very grateful to have him to teach me."

Jolene, A for Math and Science O level, Paya Lebar Methodist Girl School

I've been to countless tuition lessons, met plenty of teachers but my experience with Mr Gan will always stand out. Maths & Science has never been easy for me to understand but Mr Gan consistently looks for ways to simplify things and make them relatable. At the end of every lesson, he would made extra sure that we understood the materials taught. Mr Gan has gone the extra mile countless times, making extra time to answer our questions after class, and even out of class. When he comes across interesting materials that will help us to learn better such as video tutorials or extra worksheets, he would enthusiastically share them with us. Mr Gan has always dedicated his time to us and we knew we could count on him for extra help and clarification.

Marcus Chao, A for both A-Math and C-Math, ACS (Independent) IP Programme

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-20 at 7.51.52 PM.jpeg

Mr Gan's lessons have helped me to improve from scoring 50s to 80s in my math exams within the span of only a few months. He tailors his lessons according to the weaknesses and strengths of his students, and makes sure that his students understand the content being taught. Lessons with him are flexible and interesting, and he teaches in a way that is easy to comprehend. All in all, I had a great experience learning from Mr Gan and I am thankful for his dedication and commitment in helping me improve as a student.

Eng Yeow's Parent, A for Math 1 and B for Math 2, Raffles Institutions, Year 3 IP Programme

Eng Yeow and Mum

Mr Gan is an enthusiastic and responsible teacher who worked closely with my son to facilitate and monitor his learning progress and understanding, and is not shy to answer my son's questions outside of class. His teaching has helped my son improve in Mathematics from a C5 to B3 in half a year. Thank you, Mr Gan! - Mrs Khor, parent

Xin Ping, B for H2 Math A level, Tampines Junior College

Mr Gan is a very patient and committed tutor who will always be willing to answer all of my questions patiently and clearly. He would take time to clear every single doubt that i had and would make sure i understood all his methods completely so that the same methods could be applied for questions that involved the same concepts. He would teach in a fun and interactive manner, making his lessons more enjoyable which aids in helping me to remember his teachings better. In addition, he would always answer all the doubts that i have out of class through whatsapp which helps me a lot whenever i encounter questions which i have difficulties solving it. I am really grateful for his constant guidance and patient teachings which made learning maths much more enjoyable!:)

Terence Chou, A for H2 Math A levels, Hwa Chong Institution

Terence Chou

I was in dire straits after my prelims, getting a mere E for math, and without a proper grasp on the fundamentals despite A levels looming. However, thanks to Mr Gan, I was able to quickly internalize key concepts of the many chapters and at the end of it, could enter the exam halls with confidence. What helped a lot, was the fact that Mr Gan was very approachable. There was no teacher-student barrier within us; I could consult him on any queries, and he would answer them without hesitation. Every 2-hour session with Mr Gan greatly advances the progress of my A level revision. Rather than sticking to a rigidly structured timetable, Mr Gan is able to recognize my needs and plan his teaching accordingly.Mr Gan is a great educator. Without him, my A grade for A levels would not have been possible.

Crystal Ng, A for H2 Math, National Junior College

Crystal Ng

 A dedicated tutor, Mr Gan invests his time and energy to understand his students’ needs, and tailors his teaching style to suit each student, be it by repairing their Mathematics foundation or providing support. He seeks to employ various teaching strategies in the classroom to better cater to his students, which works in favor of students with differing learning styles. Making a point to keep his classroom size small, Mr Gan ensures individualised and undivided attention to each of his students. A small class size also meant that students could choose to work either individually, in teams or as a whole, which made group discussions more beneficial, and class time overall more enjoyable. Course-wise, Mr Gan possesses the knowledge and expertise as a Mathematics tutor. Mr Gan’s teaching aligns well with that of the A-Level syllabus, and often goes beyond as well, though appropriately so. He chooses to pick out and zoom in on parts of the syllabus where schools often overlook or skim past. Students thus benefit greatly from his years of experience in teaching. Beyond the four walls, Mr Gan shows himself to be a tutor who takes genuine interest in his students’ lives and displays both care and concern for the safety and wellbeing of his students.

Michelle Tan, A for H2 Math, Jurong Junior College 


I was taught by Mr Gan for slightly over 3 months and i feel like I've learnt a lot from him. I didn't do very badly in math to begin with but without A math from secondary school, there's still lots of things where I'm at a disadvantage. Mr Gan spent time to slowly explain concepts to me and to teach me the things that most people would have and should have already known. It was great having him as my tutor :)

Jefanie Teo, Jurong Junior College

A very fantastic teacher as he is able to simplify concepts that i was not able to understand in school. he also teaches us useful techniques in solving problems like integration, his techniques has helped me to greatly improve my integration. he provides us a wide range of questions from easy to very tricky ones, the exposure has allowed me to calmly approach math problems as i would not be stunned by it. he is also a very funny person and livens up the class, math tuition by him has never been boring for me. there's surely something to learn from him every lesson and also about his bad jokes at times. i really enjoyed the 2 years of math tuition i spent with him, he is great! :)

Sze Mun, MGS, A2 for O Level A.Math

I was failing both Math and Additional Maths really badly. I think, on average, my grades would come up to no higher than a E8. After going through the material with Mr Gan, I began to understand both Maths and Add. Maths better. He simplifies the topics better than my teachers in school and with his help, I was able to jump from a E8 to a A2 in a short amount of time. Tuition with him is also never boring. He keeps our 2 hour session lively and fun so going to class is never a drag. He also takes genuine interest in our lives. Slowly but surely, Maths became my favourite subject. To sum up, Mr Gan is an amazing teacher who cares for his students. I'm glad to have had him as my tutor.

Zhao En, Jurong Junior College 

Really blessed to have mr gan as my math teacher as he is very patient and willing to teach. Math has always been my weakest subject but with his guidance, i understood many key concepts and my math improved. Thank you mr gan!!